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At the Kokin Healing Center, we’re all about education. We love to empower our patients to learn how to take good care of their bodies; and we’re always learning ourselves. In that spirit, the Healing Blog is a place for us to teach and to learn. We hope you enjoy these posts and share them with friends, family and colleagues.

5 Tips for Relieving Your Headache Pain

Jun 18, 2014

June is migraine and headache awareness month. Unfortunately nearly 50% of the adult population experience headaches regularly, but are inadequately treated. For those with persistent headaches, it's important to find the root cause. Chinese Medicine is ideal for getting to the bottom of your headaches by finding the cause and building out a treatment plan that includes acupuncture, massage therapy, herbal medicine or a combination of the three.

For those of us that have the occasional bout with headaches, here are 5 tips that you'll find invaluable for relieving your occasional headache pain:

1. Apply pressure with your thumbs to the top of the shoulders midway between the neck and edge of your shoulder. This pressure point is called gallbladder 21, and it's an excellent point to reduce any tension in the shoulders that can lead to headaches.

2. Use a colloidal silver sinus spray, if your headaches are stemming from sinus congestion and pain in the face. 

3. Adding supplemental magnesium may also help treat headache pain as well as prevent migraines. 

4. Drinking teas such as chamomile, and valerian are extremely calming herbal teas that can help you unwind, relax your muscles and take the edge off the pain. If Your headaches are stemming from stress this is a great place to start.

5. Ice therapy is an excellent way of treating pain. Place an ice pack in a thin pillowcase directly to your forehead or the back of your neck. This will cool and calm the pressure points and reduce your pain by decreasing the inflammation.

If your headaches are coming back with regularity or you find yourself having to use the above tips often, it may be time to be evaluated. Chinese Medicine is excellent for treating many different types of headaches, whether they are from sinusitis congestion, shoulder tension or muscle spasms, hormone imbalance / PMS / menopause etc. 

The Kokin Healing Center offers a complete headache program including all of the above mentioned modalities. Our patients report a reduction in the frequency of their headaches, intensity, and duration and report an overall tremendous reduction in their pain. Give us a call or request a consultation today.

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