Acupuncture for Fractures & Orthopaedic Conditions

Acupuncture is well-known for its effectiveness in controlling pain, stress, and chronic conditions, but most patients are surprised to learn it has a number of applications in the treatment of orthopedic issues as well.

How does acupuncture work to treat orthopedic conditions?

Studies show that acupuncture is an effective adjunctive therapy – even in severe fractures – by helping to control pain, reduce swelling, and heal the fracture sooner. It also speeds injury recovery and improves range of motion of the affected areas. Acupuncture increases blood circulation in the injured area, reducing and even preventing scar tissue from forming. These benefits result in significantly improving outcomes for patients with bone fractures.

In other injuries, such as sprains or tendonitis, acupuncture reduces pain, decreases inflammation and swelling, and promotes circulation which reduces recovery time from the injury.

What conditions can be treated?

How else does acupuncture and Chinese medicine help?

Some orthopedic injuries may require surgery. Acupuncture can be beneficial for a number of reasons. It increases endorphin levels which can alleviate surgical pain, decrease anxiety, and enhance overall health prior to the surgery. Postoperatively, acupuncture can also help with many other side effects of the surgery, including nausea/vomiting, constipation, urinary retention, headaches, and pain – as well as expediting the healing of the surgical wounds themselves.

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