Our Staff

Cheryl Kramer L.Ac., CMT

Cheryl Kramer L.Ac., CMT

Cheryl has a masters degree in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine from Yo San University. She has been practicing for over 20 years. 

Cheryl approaches each patient as an individual, taking the time to develop a treatment plan that is specific to his or her needs. Patients are treated for chronic or acute issues ranging from pain, emotional imbalance, stress, digestive problems, women’s health concerns including fertility and peri-post menopausal imbalances, seasonal allergies and weight concerns. Her treatment techniques include acupuncture, bodywork, nutritional counseling and herbal supplements which help to restore and strengthen the patient, increasing the body’s self-healing ability and bringing the patient back to a state of harmony.

Along with being passionate about Chinese Medicine and nutrition, Cheryl enjoys trail running, hiking, yoga, healthy cooking and spending quality time with her family and friends.

Heather Olson

Heather Olson

Heather’s focus is postoperative massage and lymphatic drainage. Her life experiences have led her to be an empathic healer. She develops a patient-centered treatment that targets post-surgical effects such as pain, anxiety, abdominal discomfort, swelling and scarring. Long, slow, calming techniques are used to heal muscles and move lymph fluid. Heather uses a myofascial process of rhythmic movements and gentle stretching to reduce pain and scarring. 

Post-surgical massage reduces misalignment of muscles and joints to reduce additional aches and pain. Trigger point or acupressure are used to relieve muscles that have become over contracted, such as hamstrings, quads, glutes and gastrocs.

Lymphatic drainage massage relieves swelling by moving lymph fluid through the lymphatic system to reduce toxins and inflammation, thus improving the immune system.

Stephi Varjan

Stephi Varjan

Stephi Varjan is a 40+ years veteran practitioner, trained expressly by Japanese instructors in the arts of Shiatsu and Anma.

She is also an honors award winner in her field, from her Alma Mater, Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado.

Shiatsu / Anma are the two traditional methods of Japanese Massage Therapy.

They are systems which mimic Acupuncture and use the exact same system of Chinese medicine,
only without the use of needles..

In Chinese medicine it is more a theory of energy balancing rather than the western idea of
organ dysfunction. Shiatsu employs gentle pressure on the appropriate points as in Acupuncture.

Anma in contrast, is the physical massage therapy, employing gentle stretching and the “warming up” of the body.

The two modalities combine to make a lovely soothing massage experience.