Success Stories

We’ve been lucky to build ongoing relationships with many of our patients. We appreciate their trust and friendship, and are humbled to have had the opportunity to make a difference in their lives. We’ve compiled some of their stories, personal notes and testimonials to provide a glimpse into what makes the Kokin Healing Center unique.

David Grossman, M.D.

I often incorporate acupuncture into my practice as part of a multi-modal approach to patient care. It’s clear to me that certain patients benefit from a soft-tissue approach, and I’ve been amazed at how many conditions respond to this type of therapy. I’m the first to admit that the medications and/or procedures I’ve been taught in my training just don’t work for everyone. I like to offer acupuncture as an adjunct or alternate to my recommendations. I have worked closely with Marin for seven years now and she is incredibly gifted in her field. I love that she gets excited about helping my patients and will take the time to learn about their complex medical issues. She is compassionate and cares a lot about their lives and stressors. Her approach focuses on the whole person, not just the patient’s complaint.


I started seeing Marin a little over a year ago for unexplainable tension headaches. Nothing was working to ease my pain, and with a referral from my doctor I contacted Marin. I was skeptical but willing to do anything at that point. She saw me twice a week for the first month and after the first session I was noticeably better. By the end of the month I was pain free. I had no idea how debilitating the headaches were until they were gone.

As a recovering addict, she has helped me in maintaining my sobriety by connecting me with my body in a healthy and spiritual way. Her care and patience has been remarkable and inspired me to greater places in my personal life and career. The clarity that has come from Marin’s treatments is extraordinary. I have referred many friends to her and they all sing her praises.

This past month Marin helped me quit smoking. I am 34 and have been a pack-a-day smoker since I was 18. It was the very last vice that I just couldn’t shake. I was terrified to quit, but with the help of Marin I was able to put it down for good. All of the problems that couldn’t be explained away were mostly from smoking. After one week of treatment I am now Nicotine free! I sleep better, have more energy, I’ve gone back to the gym, my skin looks 100% better, and the withdrawal was totally manageable.

I couldn’t have done it without her help. I am truly grateful. I have my life back!

Thank you Marin!


My experience with Marin has been one of rejuvenation and relaxation. Over the years, Marin has treated me for a variety of medical and emotional issues with incredible success. Her insight, knowledge and sensitivity has helped me through many conditions that conventional medicine and pharmaceutical treatments alone could not address. Marin’s non-invasive and non-toxic approach to medicine using acupuncture has given me a positive outlook, and positive outcome, with even my most serious medical problems. I am very grateful to have Marin in my life.

Chris Marasco, M.D.

Acupuncture is an excellent adjunct to modern medicine. It offers pain relief and relaxation in addition to numerous health benefits. It is difficult to ignore its 5000-year history. I highly recommend it for patients with headaches, stress and anxiety, neuralgia, irritable bowel syndrome and many other conditions.


Marin truly is amazing at her job. I was initially referred to Marin by my primary care physician, an MD who believes and trusts in alternative medicine to the fullest. I was suffering from lower and upper back pain that was causing intense headaches. Little did I know that my life would be forever changed from this meeting with Marin. Through Marin’s careful, thorough and friendly evaluation, she suggested I may benefit from multiple treatments. From that day on, we worked on digestion which had been a chronic problem, sinus congestion, stress, anxiety and the all important fertility. I immediately felt comfortable with Marin on my first visit to discuss my desire to become pregnant with my second child. I had successfully carried and given birth to a baby two years previous, but had a lot of difficulty getting pregnant. Suffering from hypothyroidism and irregular ovulation, my first pregnancy came to fruition after almost two years of a combination of good old fashion trying, Clomid to induce ovulation and artificial insemination. Although all well worth it, Marin was optimistic that acupuncture would help speed things along this time. Sure enough, TWO MONTHS after I began treatment with her, I became pregnant with my second child who was born very healthy and happy last winter. With no intervention other than acupuncture, care and devotion to her patient, Marin was able to make my second conception experience less stressful. I would and do highly recommend Marin for any ailment one may be facing. Words alone cannot express my gratitude and faith in her.


After trying to get pregnant for over a year with no success, I started seeing a fertility specialist. He finally suggested I see Marin as an adjunct to the fertility treatments. I went to see her the next day. I was always able to get appointments with no problems, that accommodated my schedule. From the very first appointment, I knew I was in skilled hands. Marin knew exactly what I was going through both physically and emotionally with my fertility treatments. She knew my doctor and was able to speak the language with me and coordinate treatments along with my fertility treatments. Within a couple of appointments, I felt my mood and outlook were improving. I became relaxed and positive..which I truly believe contributed to me getting pregnant. After seeing Marin for only 3 months, I got pregnant! I will forever be grateful for Marin’s knowledge, skill and support. Thank you Marin!!