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The Brief Guide to Massage Therapy for Anxiety

Feb 28, 2018

The downward spiral of anxiety can feel impossible to escape. You can find yourself overwhelmed and feel like there is nowhere to turn. If other treatments aren’t working, it may be time to try massage therapy for relief of your symptoms.

Massage therapy has been used to improve both sleep quality and muscle tension which leads to a reduction in the troubling symptoms of anxiety. Keep reading to find out more about how physical touch could be used to cure what ails you.

Understanding generalized anxiety disorder

Nearly twenty percent of the adult population is affected by some form of generalized anxiety disorder. It is a condition that is more likely to have an impact on women than men and has been proven to have an effect on your physical as well as mental health.

Symptoms of anxiety can affect everything from your cardiovascular system to your respiratory and digestive systems. It can also interrupt your sleep and lead to muscle pain.

Some of the symptoms of anxiety include feeling restless, fatigue without cause, inability to concentrate, irritability, unexplained muscle tension, and sleep disturbances.

Treating generalized anxiety disorder

There are multiple ways to treat generalized anxiety disorder ranging from crystal therapy to herbal teas to prescription medication. Many people suffering from anxiety will also receive psychological therapy for stress management techniques. Some treatments even use exposure therapy to force the patient to confront their fears in an attempt to attack the root of anxious feelings. It’s important to know you have many options – and multiple disciplines of healthcare providers – to turn to when

How massage therapy helps treat anxiety

At Kokin Healing Center, we use herbal teas, acupuncture, and massage therapy – alone or in combination – to conquer anxiety in our patients. Massage therapy has several important benefits that make it a unique treatment option:

Sleep Improvement

Since sleep is a vital part of your day, deprivation can wreak havoc on your brain’s mental functioning. Sleep is critical for your body to be able to repair and regenerate after a long day. When you do not get enough sleep, you are more prone to anxiety and depression due to the extra stress on your brain.

Massage therapy has been used to improve sleep and reduces the overall symptoms of your anxiety. It can improve both your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep which may result in improved concentration and pain reduction.

Pain Reduction

Naturally, massage therapy reduces pain in the body. The long gliding strokes may offer stress and pain reduction. This is because massage therapy increases your blood circulation which flushes out lactic acid from your muscles allowing them to refill with oxygen-rich blood.

The manipulation of your muscles can also help to break up adhesions and restore your range of motion.

Explore massage therapy for treatment of your anxiety

Successful treatment of anxiety can involve multiple therapies from multiple providers. As always, we’re happy to collaborate with your physicians to develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

If you are looking for a medication-free way to improve your anxiety symptoms – or something to help in conjunction with your existing treatments – then massage therapy for anxiety is a great option for you to consider.

If you are looking for a massage therapist in California then you should visit Kokin Healing Center today.

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