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The Metal Element and Your Lungs

Nov 10, 2021

Autumn is more than just a season in Chinese Medicine. It is the time of year that resonates with the Metal Element. The Metal Element includes the Lung and Large Intestine. The Lung’s superpower is Inspiration – of physical breath and spiritual creativity. And the Large Intestine superpower is Letting Go. Autumn can be the ideal time to let go of not only physical clutter but also mental/emotional clutter and situations in our life that are no longer serving us.

The Lung is also responsible for your immunity as the first place natural invasion takes place is through the breath. Now is a key time to focus on breathwork, meditation, and immunity enhancing foods for the Metal Element, such as garlic, onions, foods that are fresh and white at their center – potatoes, cauliflower, almonds, radishes, parsnip, pear, apple, oats, rice, and white peppercorn.

The Lung also manifests in the skin. So if you have any chronic skin conditions acupuncture treatment for strengthening the lung could hold the answer for you.

We can assist our skin to be as radiant as possible by looking after our internal organs which are the root cause of our health. Namely the Lung, and the Spleen. The Spleen plays a key role in digestion – the transforming and transporting of food as nourishment. The Spleen ascends moisture and pure Qi upwards towards the lungs. Keeping the Spleen healthy will assist the Lungs indirectly through our diet and digestion. We can see through the quality of our skin also the state of the Spleen if the skin is greasy and has many pimples it can show the spleen is weak in its function of controlling dampness. Healthy digestion will show on your face as a radiant complexion. Foods like asparagus, papaya, beans, and turnips help to eliminate dampness, also avoid excessively cold foods like ice cream, dairy, iced drinks, and raw food diets.

Yin nourishing foods, in particular, will assist the lung in creating a youthful radiant glow. Think of foods like goji berries, beans, dates, and dandelions to name a few.

Acupuncture facials are second to none for an immediate boost of collagen in the face, and a course of facial treatments can give phenomenal results. A facial acupuncture treatment will also be combined with body points according to your unique diagnosis to strengthen the internal organs and promote the smooth flow of Qi and an immense sense of well-being.

Acupuncture points you can self-massage with acupressure are Heavenly Appearance, located behind the curve of the jaw, and LI4 located in between the thumb and first finger on the mound of muscle there.

These are some TCM recommendations and of course good hydration, exercise, and sleep are imperative too. Happy autumn.

For an easier transition into a brand-new season, give us a call, we can help.


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